The Sebastopol Goose

The lovely and friendly Sebastopol is a breed of domestic goose, decendent from the European Graylag. They were also referred to as Danubian, a name first used for the breed in Ireland in 1863. The Sebastopol is a medium sized goose with long curly white feathers blue eyes and a remarkably "tame" and sociable disposition.

The gander usually weighs 12 to 14 pounds while the goose weighs about 10 to 12 pounds. Sebastopol are not "noisy" as are many geese. They love to chatter and you will think they are carrying on a conversation with you.

If you are looking for affordable and unusual waterfowl....Sebastopol may just be the one for you.

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Sebastopol Gosling... This cute and "talkative" little fellow is definitely a male.   He has just hatched and  is completely yellow.   His sisters will have color shading of blue/grey.  Both
will mature to be snowy white with beautiful blue eyes.  His "fuzzy down" will be replaced by long curly feathers.