Ranch Policy of Operation

Visits to La Caille Ranch We look forward to having old friends and friends we are yet to meet, visit with us at La Caille Ranch. By the way, La Caille is a French phrase meaning Quail Run. The correct pronunciation is "La Kai".

We are a "working ranch" and must insist all our visitors schedule a day and time appointment. Thus, we will set aside time to visit and talk about our beautiful birds and waterfowl. We are usually available 7 days per week...any time after feeding is completed at 10:00 AM.

If we are away from the ranch, our staff is on the premises to care for the birds, water- fowl and animals. However, they do not get involved in showing birds and waterfowl.

If you are considering a visit to La Caille, we simply request you follow a few simple ranch regulations.

In addition to security cameras....our best protection here at La Caille is a 123 pound large breed German Shepherd. If we are not present, he can be ferocious. If we are here, he will follow us to the gate to greet you. He will shake your hand and make you feel comfortable and welcome. You will love him!

At the time, you schedule your visit to La Caille, we will E Mail you detailed directions to La Caille Ranch. When you arrive, Gate #1 will be open and you will simply proceed through Gate #1 to Gate #2.

On your left will be a detailed sign telling you to either phone the ranch house or honk your horn and we will drive a ranch vehicle to the gate to meet you. You will follow us through Gate #2 and to a designated Visitor Parking.

Remember. the Birds, Waterfowl and Animals have complete "Right Of Way" here at La Caille. They feel no need to avoid your automobile....DRIVE VERY SLOWLY!

While here at La Caille, we hope you will realize why our Ranch Motto is......"One More Day" At La Caille Ranch Leaves You Wanting One More Day.

La Caille Ranch Sales Policy:

We ask that our customers pay for birds and waterfowl by means of a Money Order, Cashier Check or Cash. If paying by Money Order or Cashier Check, please make payable to Jim Baskett of La Caille Ranch. Thanks!

Here at La Caille, we pride ourselves in a great record of "sexing" our birds and waterfowl. However, in the unlikely event that we could be wrong and you receive an incorrectly sexed bird or waterfowl, we will happily replace the bird or waterfowl with a similar breed as soon as that bird or water- fowl is available in our For Sale Stock.

The only requirement is, that, the bird or waterfowl be returned to us healthy and in good condition.


Our Swans are DNA Sex Tested by a laboratory prior to their leaving La Caille.

Every person who purchases our birds and waterfowl is advised to make certain your new "pet" has plenty of fresh water and dry food at all times.

We may advise you to keep young birds and waterfowl in a warm dry environment.

Also, there are many feed options and we will be happy to advise you in that matter. Our staff will even provide you with a small bag of the food we use her at La Caille so the bird or waterfowl can make an easy transition to the food of your choice.

In the unlikely event, your new bird or waterfowl should become injured or develop an illness, E MAIL US IMMEDIATELY, We will provide knowledge and advise which has been gained over the years of breeding and raising fabulous birds and waterfowl.

If you have any questions prior to your visit at La Caille, please phone our ranch office (386) 462-1657.

We are looking forward to your visit and we will make every effort to make you feel welcome and satisfy any questions you may have.

Thank you for your interest and for placing your trust in us here at La Caille Ranch. We really enjoy our 'ranch life' and sharing our love for Birds and Waterfowl.

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