Latest From La Caille...

The Spring of 2010 has been extremely busy with building breeding pens on the lake for Swans, constructing new Duck Nest Boxes and collecting eggs for the two incubators.

Soon we will have new baby Swans, Peafowl, Ducks, Bantams and the list goes on and on. Yes, Spring is an exciting but busy time.

As always, we appreciate our many customers from areas of Florida extending from Panama City to Jacksonville and from Lake City to the Fort Lauderdale/Miam area.

During the last year, we have received a great increase in orders from Georgia and our birds and waterfowl have gone to new homes in Alabama, North Carolina, Kentucky , Tennessee, and New Jersey.

Black Swans are great "producers" and we have a very short Waiting List for this breed. White Seans lay less eggs and provide us with less Signets/babies. Thus, the Waiting List for White Swan Signets to be hatched in a few weeks is longer. If interested in either Black Australian or White Mute Swans, please contact us ASAP.

Check our Web Links on Black and White Swans. You will find Swans fascinating.

Visitors to La Caille Ranch are always welcome. However, we must have advance notice and schedule a day and time for your visit. La Caille (pronounced "La Kai") is a 'working ranch' and we want to schedule a specific time to enjoy your visit. Deliveries can be arranged to some areas of Florida and Georgia. Yes, we do ship birds and waterfowl. For added details, click on..... RANCH POLICY.


Thank You For The Comments...

"Jim and Lowell were GREAT. Had so much fun at La Cialle Ranch. Love my new pair of Peafowl". C G Paducah, Kentucky

"Thanks for the care and protection given your Swans. We now have six La Caille Swans on our lake. The Home Owners Association love them. Thanks for inviting our HOA Officers to La Caille. J S Sun City, Florida.

"Our Black Swans are so beautiful and we love them. Thanks!" K K Conyers, Georgia

"We love our visits to La Caille and all the beautiful Birds and Waterfowl. We will return again!" C M Newberry, Florida

"Our new Peafowl are doing great and so attractive. Now, we want to order four Swans, a pair of Black Australian and a pair of White Mutes. We want Signets."
G S Ft Lauderdale, Florida

"The two pair of beautiful Peafowl from La Caille were for my Mom on Mothers Day, she is so happy!" C G Taccoa, Georgia

"La Caille Ranch is such a beautiful place. Love my new English Sebright Bantams.
G W Port Charlotte, Florida

"Friendly and beautiful place. India Blue are the Peacocks I chose.
S H Lake Butler, Florida

"Our son Cole won top honors in the district show with a pair of Bantams from La Caille. We love you!" T J Alachua, Florida

"Thanks for a wonderful tour of La Caille. Love my new Sebastopol Goslings. They are soooooo cute". K C Ocala, Florida

"What a wonderful place. Thanks for my new Purple Pied Peafowl...what beautiful birds.
D S Dunnellon, Florida

"The Black Aussie Signets we purchases last year are delightful and such PETS. My wife might keep them in the house, if I permitted her to do so. This year we are ordering two pair of White Swan Signets to join the Black Aussies on our lake. S A Brook, Georgia

"Our second trip to La Caille to purchase birds...... Such a beautiful ranch!"
B W Lake City, Florida

"My Dad from Miami visited La Caille and told me how interesting this place was. Now that I am here...I agree!" R L Miami Springs. Florida

"Best way to describe La Caille Ranch, PARADISE FOUND. What wonderful India Blue Pied Peafowl I was able to get here.
J K McAlpin, Florida

"Moving to a farm in Louisiana. Want to take your beautiful Geese and Peafowl to our new home. M D Ft. McCoy, Florida

"Our two boys are raising two Swans from your ranch. The project is teaching them responsibility and love for animals. They named the Swans Chip and Tortilla."
D L Jacksonville, Florida

"Glad to be on the 'waiting list' for White Swan Signets. Really aanxious to get mine."
D L Monsey, N J