Scenes From La Caille Ranch
Discover why..... "One More Day at La Caille Ranch leaves you wanting One More Day!

Fickle Creek flows casually through La Caille Ranch. Each Fall,
its banks are lined with a carpet of bright yellow Black
Eyed Susan flowers.

Adorable Black Australian Swan Signets.....only one day old. They already have personality and "chatter" to you. Most of our customers prefer to purchase young Swans(Signets) and rear them in their own environment. Swans are gentle, lovable and not difficult to raise. Our Swans are Pinioned and DNA Sex Tested.

The Nenee which is the State Bird of Hawaii is also referred
to as the Polynesian Wedding Goose. This species is
endangered and love their home at La Caille.

We hope our love and devotion to the Birds, Waterfowl and Animals will be apparent as you stroll through La Caille Ranch.

La Caille Ranch is known for its beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees. You will see a mixture of magnificent old Oaks, Palm
Trees, Dogwood Trees, Tulip Trees, Magnolia Trees and others. Above, is an 18 foot "Marigold Tree" loaded with beautiful yellow blossoms.

Ranch Location: La Caille is located in the historic city of Alachua which is part of Alachua County....Near the University of Florida in Gainesville. Just five miles off Interstate 75 at Exit #399.

Swans, Ducks and Geese do well together on the same lake or pond. They clean your water of Algae and unwanted plants....A favorite food for ducks, geese, and swan is Mosquito and Mosquito Larvae!
Swans are wonderful parents. Black Australian Swans are hatched a soft yellow color and "talk" constantly. White Mute Swans ride atop their Mom's back. All Swan parents lower their tails to provide a "ramp" for the young to board and raise the wings to cover the Signets at the first indication of danger. Signet Swans are also very easily raised without parents and can quickly become family pets. Swans mate for life. They both prepare the nest and both participate in raising the Signets(babies). They also live to be 40 plus years of age and are often listed in personal wills. When raised in an environment like La Caille Ranch, Swans are very gentle and often family pets.
A favorite intersection at La Caille Ranch "Peace Avenue"
and "Tranquility Lane". What the world needs now is, More Avenues To PEACE!
Huge Banana Trees, Fruit Trees and Nut Trees are in abundance.
CHIEF OF SECURITY.... At La Caille Ranch

Rare Australian Black Swans with Red Bills.

Peafowl are "Watchdogs With Feathers".  Can you find the Peacock Standing Guard'  in this big tree. Peafowl "call out"  to warn you of any unfamiliar person or animal on your property.

We have plenty of inviting spots for you to rest along your way, while visiting La Caille Ranch.

The Elegant White Peacock. Royalty In Feathers!

La Caille Peacock "Jewell" suns himself on the mantle of our outdoor fire place.

Big Brown, one of our most beautiful Peacocks, was named
for the 2009 Kentucky Derby winner. Big Brown is chocolate brown and copper in color.

NBC The Magnificent kills snakes. He recently attack a Raccoon and ran the raccoon away.

Peafowl of La Caille Ranch. We breed White, Traditional India Blue, Black Shoulder, Opal, Spalding, Pieds plus many other colors, color combinations and breeds.

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UPA international Peafowl calendar is distributed world wide and this year, a scene from our La Caille Ranch is featured on the COVER!

English Sebastopol Geese with blue eyes and long curly feathers are our favorite of all geese. They are extremely tame, only one of the many reasons why we breed English Sebastopol.

We hope you continue to browse and enjoy our Web Site. Just a small reflection of what we call..... "Life At La Caille".