Welcome to La Caille Ranch
Historic Alachua, Florida

We have become nationally known as producers of the very highest quality Birds and Waterfowl.

We have become nationally known as producers of the very highest quality Birds and Waterfowl. The title La Caille is French, pronounced "La Kai" which means "Quail Run". La Caille Ranch was established in the year 2005 and carved from 50 acres of cow pasture which just happened to include two lakes and a lazy little brook which is known locally as "Fickle Creek". The creek is just as named, "Fickle" ranging from almost overflowing it's banks to barely a stream. In the fall, its banks are like a carpet of bright yellow. Black Eye Susan Flowers outline it's path.

The gates to La Caille are located at the very end of Historic Old Bellamy Way Road, which is a one half mile private lane lined by trees and covered by a canopy of leaves.

In the early history of Florida and before paved roads, the entrance to La Caille Ranch, Old Bellamy Way Road, was the only passage for Pony Express, wagons and horses traveling from Jacksonville to the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee.

As more sophisticated highways were constructed, Old Bellamy Way Road was abandoned as a public highway and became a private road leading through gate #1, gate #2. across a small lake and ending at the entrance to the "Cottage at La Caille". Possibly, forgotten by the Florida Highway Department, Old Bellamy Way Road remains a very important part of Florida's rich history.

Horse Race Fans will remember the 2005 Kentucky Derby stallion Bellamy Way Road. Bellamy Way Road was named for the wonderful little lane leading to La Caille Ranch. He was foaled at a neighbor's ranch.

La Caille is a working ranch and visitors are always welcome. However, since we are a working ranch, we must insist you schedule an appointment for your visit.

The staff at La Caille Ranch hope you enjoy our Web Site. We breed and sell magnificent birds and waterfowl including elegant White Mute and rare Black Aus- tralian Swans, fourteen colors and breeds of Peafowl. a variety of Ducks, Geese, Pheasant, Guinea Fowl, show quality Bantams, Pigeon and Dove. In this Web Site, you will also find great bargains on unusual Collectibles and Home Furnishings available here at La Caille Ranch.

We would like to open our Web Site with an array of Picture Scenes from La Caille Ranch. We hope you can see the great pride we feel for La Caille Ranch and our magnificent Birds and Waterfowl. Join us on a La Caille Ranch Picture Tour.....